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Monday, February 27, 2006

Snowball Fight!!

Wow, a lot happened today! Around 6:30pm, Jennifer, Everett, Ben, Meghan, and I went to hot pot... surprise? I'd never been to this one before, but just before we left the snow began to stick. Wuhan went from grey and wet to white and wonderful in a matter of minutes! By the time we finished with dinner, the whole city was covered in a soft layer of snow. What does one do when there is a blanket of fresh snow to slosh through? Of course we had a snowball fight! Keep in mind, it was completely freezing outside, but that did not stop us. The Chinese waiters and patrons at the restaurant thought we were completely insane as we gathered balls of ice and hurled them at each other. I think the most confusing part about the scenario for them was the fact that we were laughing hysterically at the same time. I set off a car alarm with a snowball, which was fun. Good thing I had my camera with me! Ben chronicled most of the action, but he also got into it. Before long, we'd used up all the snow on the tops of cars and on the sidewalk, so we went home. There we found even more snow to disrupt and the fight continued. Meghan wrote a love note to Ben... immediatly followed by a love note to Ben from Jennifer. Ben wrote his Chinese name and Jennifer wrote his Chinese name in Pinyin... see if you can decipher the characters? Anyway, we stayed out in the cold for a good 30 minutes total. Jennifer began to make a snowman, but I destroyed it... sorry! Our super, Lou, came out of his apartment to see just what in the WORLD we were up to and he got a face full of snow. It was awesome. Finally, it just got too cold and we went back to our homes. Meghan and I have some wet clothes hanging over the banister... maybe they'll dry? Who knows. This White Christmas is a little overdue, but it still rocks! Besides, it wouldn't be China if things arrived on time... we're just happy if they arrive at all!


Anonymous ephers said...

what a fun time it looks like you had!

-found your blog randomly

8:39 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Yay! Snow!! I want more, it didn't last nearly long enough.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Ina said...

Good Job! :)

10:25 AM  

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