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Friday, January 27, 2006

Thailand and stuff about before Thailand

Today is Saturday and I am sitting in a guest house, which is a fancy way of saying hostel, called the P House in Kabi, Thailand. The place is beautiful and the rooms are much nicer than the other places we've been. Hong Kong was nice enough, but it was community showers and bathrooms. JP didn't like that very much! Well, not like we were all showering together, but the two showers were used by all of the people staying in the dorms... and some of them had been there for MONTHS. eew. they smelled wretched.
In Macau, we stayed in a small hotel in an alley that was reccommended by the Lonely Planet... which is an excellent travelling companion. That was sort of awful. Thank God we only stayed there one night, cuz the pillows smelled like urine. Oh yes... urine. Everybody's pillows smelled like that, not just mine. Then, we stayed with Aunt Kathy in Malaysia.
BUT NOW, we're in Thailand in this beautiful open lobby with blooming flowers, sunlight, and a little baby snoozing in a cradle. The weather is beautiful. Very cool, but not cold, yet hot enough to walk around in a bathing suit. We ate at a small restaurant last night near our hostel where you must take off yours shoes and climb up to sit on pillows around a small table. We ate curry and rice. My curry just happened to be the hottest one out of everybody's and I have the lowest tolerance of it. Despite the very spicy nature of it, it was delicious.
We're probably going to be moving again today, so I'll try to keep updating as the days go by. We're going to be hitting some of the places that were touched by the tsunami in the next couple of weeks and we'll eventually end up in Bangkok to try and catch a ride back to Wuhan... ICK! The thought of returning to a place that's cold, rainy, and forever dirty is almost torture, but that's why they call it vacation!


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