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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Moving ON

Yes, we are trudging on... journeying through... and sallying forth to our next destination, which is Koh Samui. We left Koh Phi Phi today, much to the dismay of Jennifer Paradise who left behind a very sad man from Laos who will no doubt mourn her departure for days and days. So far we've been very lucky to find hotels that will pack all five of us into one room and knock down the price for us a bit. I'm sleeping on a mat tonight, but that's ok cuz on family vaca... I always got the cot or the sofa bed. The brothers need their space.
We're actually in Phucket right now on a beach called Patong, well not exactly ON the beach, but within walking distance. Not that it matters at all because we are only staying for the night. Unfortunately... or fortunately depending on your perspective (the 'Rentals are probably ready for me to be out of Thailand, but is China really any better Folks?)... our travels are coming to an end very soon. We fly out of Bangkok on the 11th to Macau where we will catch a 2 hour bus to Guanzhou and then a 12 hour train to Wuhan... hurray.
Tomorrow however, will be a long trip in and of itself because we must first ride in a ferry for an hour then hop into a A/C van for 4 hours to get to the apparently awesome islands of Samui. I intend to read this new cool book I bought in Hong Kong called, Gilead. It is very good so far and interesting. I'm not just saying that because bus rides and ferrys can leave little else in terms of entertainment, either!
On a more personal note... I would now like to express my feelings about the Thai massage that I had today. (p.s... there was no happy ending) Today, Meghan, Lindsey, and I went in search of a reasonably priced Thai massage. I had a shoulder and neck massage done in Phi Phi by a very good-looking transexual who complimented me on my outfit everyday, so I love her. Nevertheless, we wanted to experience a Thai massage, so we found ourselves in a small beauty shop standing in front of three very inviting mats. We all layed down, but I was asked to stand up again because I was wearing a skirt and that just wouldn't work. An awkward dance ensued as the masseuse brought a pair of pants for me to step into, but didn't allow me to first take OFF the skirt. She laughed at me a bit while she wrapped her arms around me to tie the pants off, meanwhile said skirt is now around my waist. Eventually that came off and we were ready to begin.
My masseuse began at my feet, slowly bending each one forward and sideways until she heard a small pop. Thai massage is a series of pressure placements on certain body points, followed by a slow rub. It was very relaxing at first and then I began to think that her hands must have been made of steel. Every touch was sure to leave a bruise until I finally had to say "OW! Sorry, could you please do it a bit softer?" That sort of helped, but then all of a sudden she picked up my left leg so she put herself in between my legs and contort them in horrendous ways. (Tri Delta girls stop making that face right now!) I haven't stretched like that in a while, so I don't know what kind of shape I'll be in tomorrow. Despite the initial strangeness, I eventually fell asleep during the hour long ordeal until I felt a small slap on my shoulder which was my cue to turn over. This was the best bit yet. Back rubs are the best, but my butt wasn't fully prepared for the elbow that came down pointedly upon it. I let out a little yelp, to tell the truth. Eventually she sat on my legs with her knees, grabbed my arms and pulled back so that I looked like one of those mermaids that go on the front of pirate ships for a minute. Up and down, up and down.
Basically, it was the best $10 i've spent so far!
Love and Kisses,


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